Fantastic (and Free) Bread Recipes

When you're into bread the way we are and you spend you're spare time surfing as we do, sometimes a gem appears and you just have to share it with the world. 

We know that making your own food is the best way forward but with bread you sometimes just want the inspiration to create something special! Well if that's you we've found a site you just might like.

Click on the link below, click again, scroll down pick your recipe and off you go! Good luck and happy bread making!

And of course if you struggle, remember we're here to help!

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Pontfaen Young Farmers Do it first!

Even young farmers can get the urge!

Ever felt that young people are all about eating McDonalds, KFC and overdosing on sugar? Err.. yes of course they are, but most kids are also quite savvy when it comes to knowing what's good and whats' bad. In Pontfaen near Brecon, the kids know that you get out equals what you put in and a little effort gives a big reward.

So two weeks ago the Young Farmers Club was split into two age groups and each group spent an evening baking bread with us (and pizza with the left over dough) and then while it was still warm and fresh they scoffed the lot!

Now think about this! - if a group of farmer's children in the middle of the lambing season can spend time learning how to bake good bread what could your child learn. And what could your class or group or club or friends get out of a shared experience that could set them up to a better lifestyle and diet?

And it's not as expensive as you might think

Is bread bad for me, will eating it kill me?

Is bread bad for you?

Well is it? Have a look at the website  and read about that ever popular myth that bread is indeed bad for you. And when you have read it, ask yourself this:

If bread is so bad for me (it never used to be) why is it? 

And when you have thought about it, ask yourself another;

What can I do about it?

See you on our next bread course!  

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