Bread Making Courses

Fantastic (and Free) Bread Recipes

When you're into bread the way we are and you spend you're spare time surfing as we do, sometimes a gem appears and you just have to share it with the world. 

We know that making your own food is the best way forward but with bread you sometimes just want the inspiration to create something special! Well if that's you we've found a site you just might like.

Click on the link below, click again, scroll down pick your recipe and off you go! Good luck and happy bread making!

And of course if you struggle, remember we're here to help!

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New Launch Offers

To celebrate the launch of the Carolines Bakery School Website, here is a fantastic offer:

£20 off our one-day course vouchers

Offer applies for the whole of February. The discount will be automatically applied to all enquiries via our website.